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April 13, 2020 1 min read


To be busy is often seen as important, ambitious, hardworking, etc...

For most of us, if we're honest, being busy is just an excuse to be constantly fighting battles. 

Locked in the trenches so we don't have to face the real challenges of the war. 

These battles can be won, and they feel good and accomplishing to win.

But they may still lead you to lose the war of your life. 

To be truly effective and get what you want from life you must be willing to take yourself out of the constant battles and reflect on the direction and purpose of the war.

You must begin with the end in mind even though it means giving up the short term satisfaction of winning some battles.

 The end goal is always there.

It is omnipresent in your mind.

Be courageous enough to seek the bigger picture.

Win the War. 

Inspired By Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: 24 Gandhi's Funeral, Stephen Covey's War, & Flurries of Activity.