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March 27, 2020 2 min read


One of the biggest obstacles almost all of us in the modern world face is learned helplessness.

The feeling we depend on somebody or something for the result.

We are ultimately not in control of our circumstances. 

Don't believe me?

Think of it like this.

We didn't build out own car, our house, nor did we grow our own food or sew our own clothing. 

We live today in a world which is specialized.

A world where we are told what to do, what to learn, how to learn it, where it learn it.

To rely on someone else paying us on the 1st and the 15th.

To be given rather then to get.

To depend rather than be independent.

And we feel helpless in our own lives.

This effect has been studies in monkeys who are caged inside a zoo.

Although they have no fear of predators and are feed regularly, they are helpless to their situation.

Deeply dependent on the zookeepers.

The result is depression.

They are missing the true experience of being a monkey.

You and I are not so different to that furry fellow.

Many of us are caged.

caged inside the walls of comfort and conformity.

Feeling helpless to the destiny the world has set-up for us.

The good life lies in entering the jungle.

To step out of the cage and enter the risk that is the jungle.

To unlearn helplessness and rely on oneself.

Even the risk today is nominal, all the tigers and panthers and snakes have been removed.

You can receive loans, file bankruptcy, or even go homeless and be fine. 

You can strike out with 50 women or men and never see them again.

We are in control.

We have the ability to innovate out of where we are.

We have the power to leave the cage and enjoy the full human experience. 

The funny thing it has been open the whole time.