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March 15, 2020 1 min read


Truly successful people know when it comes to business and life, you need to put value first.

Making deposits into your customers, clients, or relationships before you withdraw.

A perfect example is YouTubers who monetize their audience via clothing, a digital product, or whatever else.

They add value upfront to a growing audience in their niche.

Providing Education, entertainment, etc... for free.

After a period they might ask for monetary contribution through another value-adding avenue like a course or physical good.

The value-added creates a genuine relationship with which you can build off.

You can create a genuine brand, business, and relationship.

This is the paradigm that will guide you toward success time and time again.

Both monetarily and interpersonally.

Adding value to others is always the right thing to give.

Giving is better than receiving.

Value Comes First!