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June 09, 2020 1 min read


It’s so easy to be busy.

there are a million things you could be doing at any given time, and it feels good to check off what’s easy first.

To put off those difficult tasks, that deep down you know you need to get done.

The true marque of productivity to the ability to say no to all the noise.

Shut down the outside reactive world, and lock in onto your target.

Like a deadly sniper, you need to be focused on only attacking those viral functions that drive your business and your ultimate goals.

Typically this is going to be revenue producing activities like sales calls, closing, running and creating advertisements, setting meetings etc...

Sales is ultimately what drives your business and is what drives everything else.

It is the first thing you should be worried about and executing on.

Otherwise, you’ll soon end up with a dead business, but an otherwise busy life.

establish your vitals, outsource the rest if you can, and watch your life & business transform.