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June 01, 2020 1 min read


The storm of life rolls through everyone’s world at some point. 

Some storms are a breeze, some are earth-shaking and torrential.

One thing remains consistent though.

These things will happen, and continue to happen throughout life.

Those who pray on a good day, every day, a swamped at any sign of turmoil. 

They fail to prepare and invest in today, a good day.

They fail because they lack the foresight and discipline to craft their safety net while they’re still on the ground.

To prepare ahead means to control and plan for the uncontrollable.

It keeps you in the driver seat of life tethered to your own deep-seated roots.

All areas of life need tending to. (Health, wealth, love, happiness)

They need investment, while the storm sits on the horizon.

 - Inspired by Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps: #62 $20 Billion Gift From Strangers & Building Forgiveness into the Land