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May 29, 2020 1 min read


"We are too soon old and too late smart"

Regret is a natural mental process.

It is inevitable because we cannot avoid the errors of choice and of not knowing.

You will look back when you're 30, and wish you knew at 20 what you now know. 

Same thing at 50, 70 and 90.

If you are lucky to be granted the gift to live that long.

The people who truly live we'll have much fewer regrets then most.

These people approached life with impatient patience.

They impatiently pursue knowledge and skill others so willingly let come to be.

The learn about business, money, physiology, love, and more.

They impatiently grow because they know life is finite. 

While others drift along until knowledge splashes abroad, (patiently impatient) those who are successful impatiently pursue and seek the answers pivotal to their life goals. 

While still being patient enough to understand it takes time for anything worth while to cultivate.

Life moves at the same pace for us all.

Those who succeed know the best time to start to plant the seeds of tomorrow, is today. 

- Inspired by Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: 60