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May 12, 2020 1 min read


You ever have that pitted felling in the moment?

That little thought that says you're doing the wrong thing, right before you make a small decision.

Right before you flip on the TV.

Right before you eat decide to grab some fast food.

Skip your workout.

Avoid taking the action you know you need to take to better yourself.

That split second you have the intuition to choose one path, a path of least resistant and in the moment satisfaction vs tackling those things you know you should be doing.

Picking up a book.

Working on developing that new skill.

Spending time with your kids.

Preparing and ordering better food.

We can all be more than we are if we only have the courage to listen to that internal compass.

We can all have peace of mind and daily happiness and satisfaction if we only knew we gave it our best each day.

That's all we can all hope for.

And that's all we need be.

That will be forever and always more fulfilling than any end goal, achievement, or acknowledgement.

"The Journey Is Better Than The End" - John Wooden

Find the moment to embrace the journey of betterment and watch your life transform.

It only takes that fraction of a second to send your life to shambles of abundance.