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April 06, 2020 1 min read


There's this idea out there that you can build something efficiently, outsource the hard parts, and you will accomplish a lot. 

This is a false economy, my friend.

It should be pretty simple to understand you cannot outsource greatness. 

You cant outsource the grinding work that you could always be doing to get better.

Rest assured the person who works 14 hours days and leverages automation, in the same way, will run circles around you in success and fulfillment. 

There is also falsity in the very mentality of working 4-hours to bring you fulfillment.

What are you running from that you think never working is going to somehow bring you a great life? 

Happiness, fulfillment, greatness, respect, fun, thrill, development, etc...

It's all found in the grind.

The mirage is that those things are found at the beach or at the bottom of a margarita glass. 

Learn to love the grind by doing something you can lose yourself in.

Something where you don't need to take a vacation or wish you could only be doing it 4 hours a week.

That means working towards something.

Building the story.

Chipping away at the sculpture of your life.  

Life is the grind.

To love the grind is to love life. 

Anything else is just a fool's game sold to you by the media.

Just look at Tim Ferris.

You think he works 4-Hours a Week...

- Inspired by Tai Lopez's The 67 Steps: 17 Elon Musks 14-hour Workday vs. The 4-Hour Workweek.