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June 16, 2020 1 min read


 The terrible days comes for us all.

For me: it was the day everything seemed to be going wrong.

My business was failing, I was in dept, I was overwhelmed with assignments, obligations, and all the while I was unwinding in a series of anxiety-induced fear and paranoia.

These 'test days' are not unique to anyone.

Horrible days fall on us all.

They are looked upon as 'test days' because these are the days you really get to define how committed you are to getting better.

How deep your willing to dig within yourself.

How much pain and struggle you're willing to endure to get the next level.

Adopting a mindset to look at extremely difficult days as a test with which you better your skills and affirm your mindset is vital shift to catapulting your success.

You stop being torn down at every obstacle, and instead look to see the betterment these challenges can have for you, your life, your business, and your friends and family.

These are the opportunities to push your limits and see what you really made of.

You can bend.

But if you continue to look for the good relentlessly, you'll never break.

Credit and Inspiration: Andy Frisella