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January 23, 2020 2 min read


Currently I am frustrated with all the bullshit content that exists in the success space.

I have been in e-commerce for over a year and have struggled every step of the way to build a profitable business.

Somewhere between wanting to build for the long haul and also wanting to move fast, fail efficiently, and earn short term cashflow.

The industry for e-commerce and dropshipping is one which sucks the life out of most beginners who can’t get the ball rolling.

Jumping from failed store to failed store all the while burning through your cash and savings.

I think there is vast knowledge to be gained with a dropshipping fulfillment model. 

But that’s all dropshipping is, it’s a fulfillment model.

A model that doesn’t allow for custom branding included in your product strategy.

It does allow for speed, which is something you need in most situations where dropshipping works (trends and faceless products)

When struggling to know what to focus on or do the key is to simplify your focus.

Eliminate the 10 “gurus” telling you what to do.

Listen to someone who has build a real business.

Start somewhere and start building brick by brick.

You might switch businesses, or flat out fail.

This is a good thing as long as you keep getting back up.

Keep pushing to make something people care about that helps them in some way. 

Provide better service, create compelling content, and get better through failure.

If you keep a fire to succeed you will keep growing.

Struggling is part of the journey.

Many have faced the same challenges you face today and probably even worse and still found a way to win.

Embrace your struggle and lay in the bed your made for yourself.

This shit, the life you want, it’s not easy.

Do what’s hard. 

What other people won’t.

That’s how you get what others want.