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June 18, 2020 1 min read


I still struggle with self-centered coddling of my own beliefs.

We all often talk to ourselves to console and remedy the pain of true action with which these thoughts are evokes in the first place.

We speak and think instead of act.

And in the world, we live in today.

A world that is centered around the personality ethic.

We are rewarded for speaking of what we want, and telling the world what we are going to do.

The ironic thing is expressing and manifesting thoughts takes away from the action.

They both exist in the same making.

Feeding into one only takes away from the other.

The real enemy of your action is you.

Your need for approval.

Your need for social acceptance.

Your need for instant gratification.

We could all do with a little more stillness, and a little more silence these days.

Anyone can talk about what they are going to do.

Few do.

That's probably why you don't hear from them.

- Inspired and credited to The Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday