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March 02, 2020 1 min read


When your a small business, you have to carry out best practices.

You need to entice and provide every new customer with above and beyond experiences.

You need to do this so you can create the positive word of mouth to grow and maintain your customers.

You must treat your customers not for today’s sale, but for there lifetime value.

A small business has its back to the wall and needs to go the extra mile to stay afloat.

You have the time to treat new customers like gold because a new customer is as rare gold.

In today’s connected age, the small business mentality will yield the only successful businesses in the long run.

Those looking to maximize today’s sales at the expense of tomorrow’s will fail.

People will spear to there networks your poor business practices via online reviews, comments, social media posts and word of mouth.

All spelling your business going down in flames before you can grab the extinguisher.

Treat your customers great and the opposite will happen.

You will be propeller by rocket fuel higher and higher.

Your customers will champion your successes and grow with you.

You as the leader set the ultimate standard for business.

Set the right one.

Have a Small business mentality no matter your size.