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May 31, 2020 1 min read


The path of least resistance breads the least resilient. 

To look for the easy path is to avoid that which is difficult, but yet obvious.

To avoid the struggle that forges those who are truly great, successful, legendary, & remembered.

The hard road is right in front of us all.

We can choose to face it, or protect our ego and continue looking for the 'overnight success'. 

The fool fails to see that the hard path produces the change within themselves that yields everything they could ever desire. 

The hard path forces you to level up to become the type of person who can handle and have that success.

There is no nobility in the easy route. 

There is also no such thing.

The Real pursue the path of most resistance.

The Real only wants what is earned.

And when you've put in the work, you'll understand why.

It's the only real way things should be. 

 - Inspired by Kevin Hart: Decisions