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January 18, 2020 1 min read


It seems like everywhere you look there is someone with a new groundbreaking opportunity.

A new business model to print money, a new diet to melt fat, a new [blank] to achieve [insert globally desired outcome].

Example: Bitcoin, which is essentially equivalent to winning the lottery if you invested early. 

There will always be those opportunities, but usually, there is someone on the other end making a fortune off your attention or investments. 

The shiny object is appealing because it is easy, instant, and removes your/their previous connotations and biases related to business, health, fitness, etc...

However, chasing the shiny object is the reason you can never get the results you want in your life.

Effective change doesn't come overnight through a breakthrough unicorn opportunity.

Change and results come from consistently committing to something and building the skills and habits needed to achieve results in that area. 

The principles of health and fitness will never change.

The principles and skills of business will never change. 

Focus on building these and you'll find you can succeed anywhere, anytime. 

Remove the glare so you can clearly see the path of success.