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June 14, 2020 1 min read


A man walks into a forest and finds and man drenched in sweat.

The man looks exhausted from chopping down the tree.

The man says to the other man: "What are you doing"

"Can't you tell? I'm chopping down this tree"

"I can see that, but it looks like your exhausted. Why don't you take a break to sharpen that axe?"

"I can't, I'm too busy chopping"

The axe is a great metaphor for success.

To properly chop down a tree you need to swing repeatedly, swing hard, hit the same spot, and keep your axe sharp.

The action of chopping can feel like we are getting to where we want faster.

But really, an effective strategy involved equal parts of chopping and sharpening.

You can't only be head down, working on your business at all hours of the day.

It's ultimately ineffective.

A successful and highly effective person takes time to 'sharpen his axe'.

He takes time to exercise, educate, relax, and reinvest in himself.

To stop chopping aimlessly and sharpen the axe (himself/herself) you get to where you want quicky and more effectively. 

Sometimes that deliberate inaction is the exact course of action that is needed.

Take time to sharpen the axe.