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March 26, 2020 1 min read


Today we are sold the idea of the lottery approach to life.

We stumble upon the person of our dreams.

We come up with a billion dollar business idea out of thin air.

The list goes on.

The media portrays what is going to get the most ratings and buzz.

They skew the timeline of success in many areas of life.

And we believe it because we hear it and see it everywhere.

Movies, Youtube, Magazines, blogs, news.

The magic of success is depicted often leaving out the years and years of struggle and harding. (or they show a 30 second montage and skip through it)

The struggle isn't sexy, it doesn't get the ratings.

But the alternate is lie.

There is never a day you achieve optimal health, success, happiness, love, fulfillment.

Life is always a journey and a river of change through time.

To really live successful is to decide on your sculpture.

Your goal or vision for life.


chip away at that.

Day by day.

Year by year.

Slowly and methodically.

Step by step you get ahead.

There is no magic or shortcuts.