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March 08, 2020 1 min read


When you embark on the entrepreneurial journey you will undoubtedly run into challenging set-backs and emotional ebbs and flows.

You will come to find this is part of the process.

Such is life.

Successful people learn to accept these set-backs in record time and immediately look for solutions as problems arise. 

What purpose does dwelling on failure serve?

Nobody cares if life punched you in the mouth.

Its up to you to decide how you are going to react to the struggle.

How you define yourself in those moments shapes your success.

Detach from the emotional pain and learn to get up faster then the next guy.

You greatest opportunities lie on the other-side of failure. 

Rebound Quickly.

Practical tip:

When starting out give yourself a couple days to dwell on the failure.

As you experience more set-backs reduce your dwelling time each time.

From days to hours and then just 5 minutes. 

Take a step back and reflect.

Life is going to keep throwing shit at you.

Look for the solution.