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June 15, 2020 1 min read


Quitting is the end of the road for many who strive valiantly.

To quit is to lay down one's sword, and stop fighting for your cause.

But sometimes, 'quitting' is exactly what can be needed at times.

Quitting doesn't have to mean to the end of the road.

It can simply mean changing lanes.

You might not always make the right decision in your pursuit of success.

And so, some things have to be quit along the way.

This may be a business that didn't pan out, a career, a dream.

Quitting those things is sometimes exactly what is needed to get you closer to your real destination.

As long as you are able to keep moving, then quitting is only a matter of opinion.

You didn't quit, you just pivoted.

You knew where you wanted to go, and this current road wasn't going to take you there as you had originally thought.

So you made a productive pivot.

Nothing more, nothing less.

To truly quit is to stop dead in your tracks.

Those who keep going, never taste the cold bitterness of defeat. 

- Inspired in part by Andy Frisella