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June 15, 2020 1 min read


To get everything you want, you need to be a master of time.

You, me, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerburg; we all have the same thing in common.

We each have just 24/hours of the same time in a day.

No more, no less.

So mastering your time, is the key to getting everything you want.

More success, more family time, more time traveling, more fulfillment, more life.

That's really all anyone could hope and strive for.

So productivity is an obvious skill that must be applied and mastered.

Binary Thinking

Productivity is less about what you say yes too, and more about saying no.

Saying no to all those useless tasks that make you feel busy and accomplished.

Only say yes to those things that move the needle, are typically hard, and get to closer to your goal.

If the activity lies in some grey area, then cut it like cancer. 

You are either climbing towards your goals, or you are sliding. 

Ask questions like: 

1) Am I simply busy or does this activity make me massively productive?

2) Is this activity actually making me money or does it prevent me from reaching my next level?

"Are you like a sports car going down the road with no GPS." Going fast doesn't mean you get there faster. 

- Credit: Dean Graziosi: Millionaire Success Habits