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January 31, 2020 1 min read


Passion is marketed as some magical unicorn you need to find.

As if you lost it somewhere along the way.

Passion was described to me so brilliantly by Darren Hardy as electricity.

The energy of passion is already there.

Waiting for the wires to be activated.

Passion can be turned on by 4 different switches:

1. What you do

The one everyone focuses on, but arguably the least important.

No matter what you do, it is going to suck most of the time.

Stop comparing front stage results with your backstage life.

2. Why you do it.

You can gain passion through your mission.

If you want to save Innocent animals from cruelty

You can find passion in your pursuit of eradication.

You can also gain passion through that which you oppose and threatens your mission.

3. How you do it.

 The most difficult and beneficial passion switch.


This switch creates passion just by way of which you take pride in everything you do.

Not because of the recognition.

But just because doing the absolute best job possible feels good.

4. Who

The last switch is one which fuels many.

Who you do it for can fuel you to push past your own ambitions and create passion in everything you do because you know who’s at stake.

You create passion by thinking of your kids, parents, friends, etc.

Passion is largely a misconception around the world.

You can gain access to it if you aren't ignorant of what it is.

Flip Your Switch To Passion.

- Inspired by The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy