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April 07, 2020 1 min read


The brain is very advanced in many, many ways.

But in some, it is really quite simple. 

A bias all humans have is known as the Contrast Bias.

When we compare things of disproportionate difficulty, our brain switches to embrace the lesser task as possible.

We can easily overcome fear, frustration, and disbelief by simply reminding ourselves of what is really possible.

The best example is putting a man on the moon.

This endeavor took trillions of dollars and untold man/brainpower.

From Aristotle to Newton to Einstein to the many Ph.D.'s.

This task was accomplished to the surprise of almost all.

Or how about Charlie Monger who made a net worth of 16 Billion or 160,000 Million.

So when comparing these to your life, to the day today.

What you set out to do should seem a lot simpler.

You can learn to overcome fear and workout and eat healthier.

You can make a million dollars. 

You can become a better person and find fulfillment.

You can also enhance this tool by breaking down goals into smaller more tangible units.

For example: $1,000,000 a year is $83,333 a month, $2740 day, $114 an hour, $1.9 a minute, $0.033 a second.

Can you make $114 an hour?

Hopefully, you see the benefits of this.

Reverse the cognitive bias to serve you a move you in the direction you want. 

Master of your mind is the key.

This tool will help. 

- Inspired By Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: 18 Man-On The-Moon Contrast Keeping Easy Things Easy