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April 20, 2020 1 min read


There are three levels of which knowledge takes its place:

1. Things we know we know

2. Things we know we don't know

3. Think we don't know we don't know

Most of what there is to know we simply don't even come close to knowing we don't know.

We may think we are ultra-intelligent, all-knowing being. 

But there is so much left to uncover in almost all areas of life.

As the saying goes with every insight, so 10 more unanswered questions arise.

To be successful you must recognize the ignorance of society.

It wasn't long ago we were treating black people as less-than-human. 

You must dig into and question your convictions and seek truth above all else to be successful.

It might not be as simple or easy to bear, but it's the reality.

Get good at constantly adapting and shifting your views in search of the truth and you will become a great force for success.

Let go of your own ignorance and embrace not knowing.

It's far closer to the truth.

- Inspired by Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: 30 Peter Druker, The Cluttered Attic, and The Invention of Rules.