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January 21, 2020 1 min read


Lack of resources can be looked down upon as a huge disadvantage.

For the new entrepreneur, this is a blessing in disguise.

you need a lack of resources to put in the hard work to build the skills. 

Build the grit, perseverance, creativity, fortitude, and discipline it takes to become and stay successful.

The journey is long.

The beginning may feel tough, but struggling is a significant part of the journey.

Instead of building connections, learning marketing, learning accounting, learning finance, learning every part of your business.

The funded guy...

He’s gonna buy ads, pay for developers, hire accountants etc...

You have to do what it takes.

this is your crucible, where you will grow into the well rounded entrepreneur and person you need to be.

’You don’t lack resources, you lack resourcefulness’ - Tony Robbins

Lack of Resources Is Your Greatest Asset 

- inspired by episode 103MFCEO Podcaat by Andy Frisella