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June 03, 2020 1 min read


Listen to the right person, you'll go far.

Listen to the wrong person, you may be headed in the wrong direction altogether.

A large portion of success comes back to who you are letting influence you.

To be successful it should be fairly obvious that you should be listening to people who are decades ahead of you.

Who have been through your path and made it to the other side of the jungle successfully.

But one's ignorance or humility can stand in the way.

If you are in the room with those wiser then you, you should be the one listening.

You probably don't have much to contribute and that's okay.

We all start out young and ignorant (In an entrepreneurial sense and a lively sense).

But, contrary you should be taking the council and listening to those who are living in shambles.

Who have no idea about the path you're on and frankly should be taking your advice.

Know the difference.

33% of your time should be spent with those who are further along than you.

33% to those on your same level, who you can collaborate with.

33% to those below you, who you can impart your wisdom upon and uplift. 

A fool only uses one tool with all kinds of people.

Know the difference and adapt your approach to keeping you moving toward your definition of success. 

- Inspired by Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: #64 Forgetting Who's In The Room