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March 29, 2020 1 min read


The modern world has compartamentalized every aspect of life for efficiency.

Our classrooms are segmented into grades, our days are separated into weekdays and weekends, even our faith has been relished too Sundays at noon. 

The good life isn't found in these compartments but rather in a fully integrated life. 

A life where everyday is a great day, no matter what the calendar says. 

A life where your health, wealth, relationships, fulfillment, and work etc... are all interrelated throughout your day. 

What kind of a life is it where you dread Mondays and celebrate Fridays. 

Studies have showed this extreme compartmentalization in society causes lower happiness and satisfaction. 

Truly successful people find a way to integrate all pillars of their life together to produce ultimate satisfaction. 

So they arn't waiting for their two week off to get all there happiness out of life. 

Everyday they enjoy life. 

Deconstruct the pillars of your life and begin to integrate them into your life, everyday.

Inspired by Tia Lopez's 67 Steps: 8