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August 15, 2020 1 min read


There are three measurements of time.

1. Physiological Time

2. Cosmological Time

3. Thermodynamic Time

The one thing they have in common is they all move forward and towards entropy.

Entropy refers to the process of moving from order to disorder over time.

Your body is that perfect harmonious order, fighting against the entropy of the escalator of time. 

One day, you will lose that fight.

But, humanities live on.

Rather grime, but remembering this future allows us to seize today.

"We are not I'll supplied of time, it's that we waste most of it"

 The solution to this entropy is to inject our energy to fight against it.

We can produce order within our environment, within our bodies, within our minds, and within our spirits.

Investing in yourself is that and fight we all can valiantly face.

The purpose we seek.

The mission we can here for.

Remembering time allows us to live out ours to the fullest.

Credit and Inspiration: Tai Lopez's 67 Steps; Step 29: Stephen Hawking, Entropy, & Remembering The Future