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March 22, 2020 1 min read


Humility is the marquee of success in every area of life.

Being humble is essential to grow.

To know that you don't know everything.

There are always mentors, books and resources which could give you a new perspective and insight.

Micheal Jordan always said his greatest asset was his coach-ability.

His humility to genuinely listen and learn, even when he was known as the best basketball player in the world. 

The awareness to know the answer or often not within ourselves but in the humility to learn from others. 

The most successful are always internally the humblest. 

They know they don't know everything and choose to continually learn and listen more then they speak.

And they model those who are where they want to be.

They learn from those who have gone where they indent to travel.

Humility is key to continued growth and success.

It needs to be a core value.

So you stay hungry to know more.