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June 13, 2020 1 min read


Fossas are Madagascar's top predatory animals.

They are interesting little creatures.

Very cat-like, with long claws, whiskers, and deadly fangs.

When it comes to mating, however, they are quite puzzling.

Female Fossas will go up into a 'mating tree' and wait for a male to come along.

Once a male and female are paired up, other males will wait at the base of the tree, hoping for the couple to split.

What a shame it is, to wait around to be the second pick.

To let someone or something else be the reason for your lack of action.

The Fossas at the base of the tree is like us, stuck; blaming the world as to why we cannot take action on our lives.

"The government screwed me; my childhood did this; my girlfriends holding me back"

Whatever it is, we all have a few.

We need to all take a dose of proactivity and begin to search for solutions, rather than dwelling in problems, hoping they solve themselves. 

The bottom of the tree is easy.

Getting up and looking around is what's hard.