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April 03, 2020 1 min read


Everything is your fault.

Not a popular concept.

That life is somehow the result of your own making.

It’s a hard burden to bare.

However, it is a necessary framework to take control of your life.

See, if you believe the world controls your destiny you give up all your power.

You succumb to circumstances as some kind of fate.

The reality is really a lot less harsh.

Almost all things in life can be addressed, understood & prepared for.

Example: In the midst of a recession you find yourself laid off.

You could blame fate.

Or you could have the perspective that you failed to prepare for such a time. 

To have saved. 

To have invested in yourself so you are enough valuable to keep around. 

Or better thrive in such n environment (Rest assured there are many who thrive in recessions).

“Don’t put off till tomorrow what could be done today”.

You will end up paying for those debts later in life.

In life, the dark time come for us all.

But the ones among us who are most successful know and understand to prepare.

Life isn’t static.

It’s messy and challenging. 

So prepare for what’s difficult when it’s easy.

It’s your fault either way.