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June 04, 2020 1 min read


Everyone can take the time to learn a little about any given subject.

Listen to a podcast, read a book, watch a documentary, take a course, and so on.

But this does not make you an expert. 

So why do so many of us speak on subjects to which we no not, what we don't know?

Subject some have dedicated their lives work to understanding. 

Subjects we have only just sipped.

We need not express our views until we have drunk deeply from the reservoir of knowledge. 

Until we have taken the time and effort really know.

Anyone can sip, and proclaim to know exactly the makeup of the entire drink.

Few go deep enough to become an expert. 

To go into deep winter, and fester the knowledge over years and decades. 

Then to finally reach spring, to know there is much you still do not know.

I can do better.

We can all do better to be better, and continue to drink deeply before we proclaim to know it all.

- Inspired By Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: #65 The Pierian Spring & From Whence Cometh The Pride