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March 06, 2020 1 min read


Growth and development are key to becoming great at anything.

Like anything, when you start out you suck.

Tiger Woods sucked at golf when he first started.

So does everyone else.

Success boiled down is really as simple as trial and error.

Failure and learning.

Do you know to take your hand off the stove when the shits hot?

Good, take your hand off, and place it somewhere else.

If that’s hot, take it off, learn and progress.

This analogy seems to simple to be true.

And of course, there are more layers to achieving.

But the simple underlying habit is the ability to experiment, learn, and adapt.

If you can learn not to touch the stove, you can learn progress in life.

You're gonna get burned a few times.

That's part of the process.

- Inspired by Andy Frisella