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March 09, 2020 1 min read


Everyone wants to be more confident.

Everybody wants to be bolder, braver, more self-actualized.

Nobody wants to do the work.

Confidence doesn’t come from genetics, environment or external appearances.

True confidence is build week by week, day by day, decision by decision.

Confidence is build through fulfilling the tasks you know you need to do. 

By pushing yourself when you feel like “taking it easy” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”

The more you can tackle tasks and responsibilities the more you can trust yourself.

The more confident you become.

Lie to yourself, take shortcuts, do things halfway, etc...

The less confident you become.

1 + 1 = 2

You are only cheating yourself. 

Kobe takes the shot at the end of the game because he knows what he’s done.

Tiger makes a clutch put because he knows what he’s been through.

Confidence is made in the trenches of your day to day. 

There is no magic.

Develop Self-Confidence.