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May 21, 2020 2 min read


The voice in your head is masterful and elusive.

Many people are paralyzed by their own thoughts and turn to drugs and external outlets for relief.

Many have such a strong connection with their internal dialog that their mind just wondered and chatters all day, and for anything else to be happening would be abnormal.

The mind truly is home and host to all success, poverty, joy or depression.

You live and die by what's inside your head.

Therefore the best skill of any to master is controlling that wild beast.

Taming the internal and relating to it differently to get what you desire from life.

For almost all that is going to mean happiness, health, wealth, and love.

Your brain can look at a situation as totally negative and fear inducing where another sees joy and love.

Perspective is really the key to all you desire in life; finding the courage to walk outside of the external world's expectations, limiting beliefs, fears, roadblocks, and find your own truth.

You will need to dig within yourself and search for those instilled thoughts and tendencies that are holding you back.

Noticing when little thoughts of doubt creep in or small thoughts of anger or fear or sadness.

You see, everyone has their 'thing'.

A tendency of thought that they play into over and over again.

And it's not because you're a bad person or a damaged human.

It's because those tendencies serve you in some way, you may not ever be aware of.

Having the character to want more and change your thoughts and behaviour to get those wants, it what success is all about.

Most will never get their because they refuse to change.

They refuse to look at their internal dialog and make a shift.

There may be a lot of pain or demons in those changes.

But that's how you begin to shift to who, and what you've always wanted to be. 

No matter what society thinks.