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August 25, 2020 1 min read


"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation" - Henry David Thoreau

Most people float through life as blind zombies, selling their time for mere money.

To afraid to embark on his/her own hero's journey.

Chasing short term pleasure.

Putting off till later what haunts us to do today.

Thinking success "isn't for me" or that there's a chance you can do all the work and still come up short.

The reality is like a slot machine.

We're not all dealt the same hand.

We can't all pull the slot once and win big.

But we can each muster up the energy to put another token into the machine.

Another attempt.

Another go.

Another path.

And each try.

You regress the odds ever closer to hitting it big.

But, the real prize is in who you become.

To stop living blind.

To live for a purpose & virtue.

That is the real jackpot waiting for us all if we dare try.

Credit and Inspiration: Tai Lopez's 67 Steps; Step 32: Slot Machine Mentality & Chasing The Mirage