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March 29, 2020 1 min read


One core habit of successful people os usually reading. 

Bill Gates & Warren Buffet both were asked: "what superpower would you choose?" and answered: "To read faster than anyone."

Books are so powerful because of our human superpower.

Unlike other animals who have to learn through overt trial and error, we humans can simulate the future and avoid the energy of trail and the potentially fatal errors. 

Books are the easiest way to simulate outcomes and learn through other people's mistakes. 

To avoid the pitfalls that are scattered throughout the jungle of success.

You can instead be given a map for all areas of life and find success through simulation and knowledge over blind trial and error.

This is why books are such a powerful tool of the successful.

Only a fool would tackle a problem that has been deeply understood and evaluated already. 

A wise man has a counsel of wisdom to provide a foundation in all endeavors. 

Books are the way.

Inspired by Tia Lopez's 67 Steps: 9 Warren Buffet's Book-a-Day Diet & Making War with a Multitude of Counselors.