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May 22, 2020 1 min read


Ever wonder why a robot or computer is so efficient and effective?

A computer doesn’t have to sit around weighting the pros and cons of outcomes.

Or thinking of how it will make others feel, of the opportunity cost of this vs that.

A computer simply thinks ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ‘1’ or ‘0’

Successful people attribute there success more to they’re ability to say ‘no’, then to say ‘yes’

There are a million things to be doing with your time.

What difficult is to do that 1 thing that is going to move the needle.

To do those few things that are a “HELL YEH I NEED TO DO THAT” 

And NONE of the rest.

You have to start to think binary to protect your focus and eliminate the unlimited distractions.

They secret to success is found in saying no 99% of things.