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June 02, 2020 1 min read


Alexander conquered the known world starting at age 19.

He didn't wait until he was wiser, stronger, more skills, or more ready.

He pursued his convictions and goal with aggressive patience.

He started immediately but was patient in his daily pursuit.

We can all learn from Alexander Greatness. 

He wasn't perfect, but he started.

He realized, today is as young as I am ever going to be.

Today is a perfect day to start.

Make hast today on your goals.

Then strap in for the long haul as you inch toward them on a daily basis.

This is how you truly acquire greatness.

It's never overnight.

But through the daily grind.

Conquering our own fear first.

Then laying brick by brick.

Trudging step by step.

Then we look up, and we are there.

- Inspired by Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: #63 Alexander The Greats Aggression & the Truth About Your Age.