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July 13, 2020 2 min read


Our mind gives context to life.

The paradigms shape our perceptions and ultimate path in life.

Through life, if you grew up the way most people in developed countries do, you were raised through a school system.

Here you were taught what to learn and how to learn it.

You were gradually made depending on the school system to educate you, instead of you educating yourself.

The same is true often for your personal finances/income, your enjoyment, your freedoms.

We have become helpless & dependent on external forces to keep our lives together.

Much like a monkey, trapped in a cage unable to feed and fend for itself.

We too are trapped in society's game of dependence to survive. 

Everything is so specialized that w have lost the freedom to choose our path and rise to meet the challenges and unlock the excitement of living with true interdependence.

We don't build our own cars & homes.

Nor did we grow our own food or sew our own clothing. 

Like a dog trained to lay down, each of us has grown soft, entitles, and helpless. 

There is still, however, a jungle out there to explore and embrace.

If only you can break away from the comfort of conformity.

You can still have ultimate control and confidence in your life to thrive no matter the circumstance.

You can choose to walk into the area and play for yourself.

To get up when society nudges you to lay down.

This is where the best human experience lives.

Right on the other side of fear and discomfort.

Credit and Inspiration: Tai Lopez's 67 Steps; Step 7: Martin Seligman's Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness.