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July 10, 2020 2 min read


We tend to think something is true if we hear it often.

The media constantly flashes depictions of horrible tragedies and injustices.

Which, although horrible and tragic, are equally as rare and inconsequential to you.

The odds of getting killed by a shark in the united states, for example, is nearly 1 in 264,100,000. 

You literally have a better chance of being hit over the head by a piece of an airplane then dying from a shark.

Yet many live out this fear because it is fueled by constant media depictions of gruesome scenes. 

The simple fact of the media is they are a business seeking to serve their own self-interest, not yours.

And so they act to produce the highest ratings, revenue, profits etc...

This often means showing the unsightly images and stories over the much more common happy-go-lucky mundane events. 

The same is true for success.

It is skewed so badly that most people's ideas and perceptions of success and how success happens are the "Overnight Success" icons.

The truth is overnight success almost never happens.

And if it did, they probably lost it just as fast. 

Steve Jobs once said "

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” 

And the same story applies to you and me.

We cannot control the timeline.

Success is relative and commutative over many, many years. 

The Good Life we all strive for comes from the daily grind to have more tomorrow, then we do today.

To strive for what could be, instead of settling for what is.

Begin to sculpt your life with a grand vision off in the horizon.

For the horizon is simply a mirage.

There is no arrival or destination of success or greatness.

You can choose to have everything you want right now.

Or view your life to have nothing.

Whatever you think to be true, is.

But those with more didn't get there through some miracle or manifestation.

They simply worked harder to get to their own vision of what they thought success looked like.

Open your eyes, and the reality is there.

Credit and Inspiration: Tai Lopez's 67 Steps; Step 6: 6 Sculpture vs. Lottery and the Anthropoid Media Bias