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July 15, 2020 1 min read


Few other mindsets can be as profound as this simple shift.

Say you are walking down the street.

Minding your business just walking to work when suddenly a guy jumps out at you with a knife.


You oblige and get away safely.

You continue to work and curse at the world.

"Why me", "This so unlucky", "What are the chances", etc etc etc...

And while all of these are true, they don't serve you any good.

Not just any situation wallowing in self-loathing.

The truth is everything can be spun to put the blame right back on ourselves.

Taking control of our life back.

You could have started training in self-defense, or persuading, or simply run.

 You can always take the control back over any situation, however unlucky it may be.

Once you understand the outcomes of the future are all your fault.

You can start to prepare for those situations and 'dark days' ahead.

You can even start to prepare to become successful and achieve those outlandish goals by understanding its all on you.

The world doesn't divide your fate.

You do.

Credit & Inspiration to Tai Lopez's 67 Steps: 14 The Shaolin Monk &  Touching an Electric Fence